What's Project BOUNCE?

BOUNCE stands for Broadband Outreach Using the Net for Community Education. Project BOUNCE presents four exemplary uses of broadband Internet for education. Click on the explanatory links below or the tabs above to visit and explore each one.

  • Introduction to Videoconferencing
    One of the most powerful uses of broadband Internet is videoconferencing. Videoconference systems and services range from over $10,000 to totally free (and everything in between). Explore the options and see how you and your classroom can connect to the people, experts, and interesting places in the world ... whatever your budget.
  • Best Bets in Virtual Visits
    Here are the very best ways to begin exploring virtual vists for your subject and grade level. All you need is access to a videoconference system. You'll have your pick of the best "for fee" and "for free" visits to authors, museums, zoos, and more. There's even a best visit for professional development!
  • Web 2.0 -- A Hands-On Introduction
    Web 2.0 is a collection of highly interactive Internet applications where YOU and your students are the creators, organizers, and evaluators of content. In this series of hands-on activities, you'll create a blog, share photos, edit a wiki, create a funny sign, and so much more.
  • Web-Based Science and Math Activities
    Deeply engaging student activities in math and science are available over a broadband Internet connection. No need to install special software on school computers. All sites are freely accessible at school and at home. Many use powerful visualization and simulation systems to allow the student to interact with the environments. Some activities are intuitive to the teacher, while others require imagination and dedication to put to best use.


We're confronted by insurmountable opportunity!
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About this site

Project BOUNCE was funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to provide models of educational broadband use for Pennsylvania schools and communities.

Workshops were held at school districts, intermediate units, and conferences across the state to present these applications to teachers, administrators, and technologists. This site is designed to be used by teachers for several years to learn about powerful and economical educational applications accessible over the Internet. It may be updated to reflect changes in the field.

All activities are freely available and will run on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers at school or at home. Directions are provided to help teachers, parents, or students get started with the applications.

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Project BOUNCE can take you anywhere!

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Broadband Internet connects the magic of the world to your classroom!