About this site

Digital video has the capability to dramatically impact teaching and learning for many ages and subjects. The central power of video is its ability to tell a compelling story to which students can relate. The story may be about a subject. A science video may share the amazing story of life processes inside a cell. A history video may tell the story of the rise of a brutal dictator using documentary footage from the period. A second grader may shoot a video to express the role of pets in his family life. A high school student may produce a video that documents environmental issues in her community.

The common thread in effective video is the use of the medium to tell a compelling story. That story is the most important part of the video. To be more effective, the video can be created using production and editing techniques that increase its production value.

This site provides an introduction and links to Web resources on digital video in education to support the teaching and learning process.


Video and movies facinate the old and young. We can become wide-eyed children again when we follow a story told well.

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