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I don’t know what to say. This is the first time I ever spoke into one of these things [a microphone]. ... Good night.
--Thomas Alva Edison, Speech at a National Electric Light Association, 1926

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The Pedagogy of Digital video includes the education theory that underlies various applications of digital video in schools or other educational situations.

Research on Digital Video in Education typically involves the statistical analysis of data collected from an experiment or study. The study may be short term or long term, and it may be a pilot study involving a relatively small sample or a major study that involves a larger sample over a longer term.

School Case Studies are a valuable research source to see how has been implementing digital video and what they think about it. The Case Study can be a valid research methodology that uses qualitative anthropological and sociological research techniquies to delve deeply into a small sample (often just one) rather that the traditional quantitative research approach that applies statistical analysis to a larger sample.

Students play many roles as they work on video production projects.

video camera and student photo
Camera ~photo by DEMOSH

girl and television image
Laramie (008) ~photo by arbron