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Links to Research in Video in Education

Video Production by Students

Student-Centered Video Production: a recent, 4-year series of research papers (by Schuck and Kearney, faculty of the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia) on video production effects in curriculum and authentic learning. Most of the papers are available as full-text. Case-study descriptions are included of applications in a variety of schools, subjects, and levels.
An array of tips and tutorials aimed at digital video for kids. From this page you can find links on video production tips, digital storytelling, lessons, and tutorials. These resources use Adobe products as examples, but the concepts can be transferred to alternate software products.


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Research on Video in Education

This research falls into about four categories: Research on ...

  1. Using video as a medium to help students learn content.
  2. Students creating video to help them understand content.
  3. Students creating video to learn about videography and technology.
  4. Students creating video as a means of self-expression.

These four categories may lead to confusion in several ways. Is the student producing the video, or is the video from a professional source? Is the goal to increase achievement in traditional subjects or to learn about new opportunities, technologies, and careers. As both as researcher and a reader of research, it is imperative that the specific applications and the specific research questions be unambiguous. A further concern is that many of these questions are relatively new, and it takes time for a body of inquiry to develop that moves beyond the dissertations of beginning researchers.

Many of the research links at right will take you to original full-text articles.

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