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  • Wings 3D Website
    The Wings 3D Website has a few interesting samples, but you'll use it to download the Wings 3D program. Select the "Download" tab, and from the Download page, choose the stable version for your computer. Don't bother with the documentation tab. The best tutorials are found under the "community" tab. and other sites.
  • Wings 3D Basics: The Interface ~ 6.5 min YouTube video by AgeOfArmour
    Wings 3D uses a simplified interface so you can focus on building your model rather than finding commands in menus. This video gives you a brief explanation of the basics so you can get started without too much confusion. Make SURE you watch it, or you WILL be confused!
  • Wings 3D User's Guide and Reference Manual:
    Not up-to-date, but good for the basics of Wings 3D. It contains several valuable tutorials and awesome image examples!

Step-by-Step Tutorials for Wings 3D Models

  • How to Make a Sword in Wings 3D in 5 Minutes!
    The 5 minute video shows a real-time construction and coloring/texturing of a knight's sword. A sword used in an actual video game would probably have fewer polygons to speed rendering. Note that this artist colored and textured his model in Wings 3D. Most artists use a different program or method because Wings 3D is very good at modeling but not so good at coloring, texturing, and rendering.
  • Modeling a Human Head (part 1: 2-minutes)
    This is a complex model that starts from a single cube. You can see how the artist designs from rough shape to finshed detail.

Watch the Experts Build Their Models

Sample 3D Models Made with Wings 3D

  • Ten Minutes of Wings 3D Models (about 12 models)
    One artist compiled several of his Wings 3D models in this 10-min video. Note how the models are shown in wireframe (showing polygons) and smoothed without the wires showing. A few have been colored, but Wings 3D models are usually just 3D shapes that are colored in another program. With practice, these models can be created quite rapidly.
  • Old Toyota Celica
    A 40-second showing. The car was probably textured and colored completely within Wings 3D.
  • Nissan Micra Car modeled in Wings 3D and rendered in POV-Ray
    This 1.5 minute YouTube demo shows the complete car modeled in Wings 3D. The 3D model is then exported to POV-Ray, included in scenes, and rendered to photo-realistic quality. Some of the images are animated in POV-Ray or Blender. NONE of the images you see is a photo of a real car. All use the Wings 3D model, sometimes many times in the same scene. The artist worked for an hour or two a day for about two weeks.
  • Girl With a Pearl Earring after Jan Vermeer painting
    The one minute video shows the Wings3D wireframe 3D model which was then rendered in POV-Ray in realistic color. Note the detail, smoothness, and control that Wings 3D can provide to a 3D artist.
  • Jet Fighter Race Course modeled, rendered, and animated
    This artist learned Wings 3D by modeling this jet fighter. He then exported it into another program to be rendered (notice the shiny reflections from the wings) and animated through the race course scene. This is how Wings 3D is most commonly used: to build a 3D model that is colored, textured, and animated in other programs.


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About Wings 3D

Description: Wings 3D excels at creating single 3D models using a polygon or wireframe approach. Most 3D video game characters and objects are created using this polygon/wireframe method.

Wings 3D Tips:

  • Importing an image to trace: In a new model (or with nothing selected), bring up the main menu (right click) and select "image plane..." Navigate to the image in you computer that you want to trace, select it, and the image will appear centered in your workspace. JPG images definitely work, and GIF and PNG probably work. When you are finished tracing, select the image (as an "object" ... not a plane or edge) and hit the delete key to remove it.

portrait of avatar
"Wayne Warrigal," my Second Life avatar ~photo by sgarrigan


Wings 3D aircraft model
~model by puzzledpaul

Boys Playing Video Game
~photo by anitapatterson

gobstopper robot
~photo by krazydad / jbum