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Can you be a technology leader? Some people think that leadership is primarily people skills, while others think you should know something about your area of responsibility. Here's one perspective from a Slashdot poster quoting a well-known technology columnist:

Instead of laying off techies who directly help users, Robert X. Cringely argues that the best place to cut IT organizations is at the top. One of the great problems in IT management, Cringely says, is that the big bosses typically haven't a clue what is happening, what needs to happen, and what it all should cost. He issues the following challenge: If you are managing an IT shop and can't write the code to render "hello world" in C, HTML, PHP, and pull "hello world" from a MySQL database using a perl script, then you are in the wrong job. Even with help from Google, Cringely believes many technical managers would fail this test and should get the boot as a result — you can't manage what you don't understand.

That said, a technology leader needs to understand his organization, its employes and clients, finance, innovation & change, leadership, and communication, as well as technology.


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