Technology Planning and Implementation

  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning Foundation (
    Since 1999 AALF has been guiding school districts, states, and nations in the envisioning, planning, implementing, and training needed to make one-to-one laptop learning a success. The AALF planning guide is outlined in 21 Steps for 21st Century Learning. This is a well-respected and time-tested process developed by Bruce Dixon, world-renowned Australian educator
  • OLPC Deployment Guide
    The official wiki to guide the deployment of OLPC XO computers to any region in the world. It includes team composition, funding and official signoff, ordering, shipping, distribution, power, servers, networking, training, and more. While it does not include any initial planning steps, it is an outstanding example of a well-thought-out implentation guide to new computer roll out.
  • Case Study of Initial XO Rollout in Uruguay
    In August, 2008, Uruguay has passed the 100,000 computer mark in its first year rollout. Ivan Krisic, the developer of the XO's amazing BitFrost security system, describes firsthand the day the children receive their laptops. He discusses real-world implementation issues including networking and servers. (with great photos!)


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School in Ulan Bator, Mongolia
~photo by Gomez-Monroy