Recorded Webcasts & Podcasts of Educational Technology Issues

  • A Call to Innovate, Craig Barrett, Intel CEO
    2009 Consumer Electronics Show Keynote.
    60-min. talk about technology issues in world today and how technology can help. When he discusses developing nations, consider the high-poverty areas in U.S. urban and rural areas. Consider the role he ascribes to education and to central planning.
  • Lawrence Lessig on Our Students: Creativity and Copyright Law. (19 min)
    Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig is the best known legal mind on copyright issues, culture, and the Internet. This funny, inspiring, and thoughtful TED talk should be seen by all educators, parents, politicians, and (of course) school technologists.
  • The Four Stages of Technology Growth (15 min)
    In this TED talk, Wired's Chris Anderson discusses the path new techologies take in the marketplace. Technology planners need to be aware of when to expect a new technology to impact their infrastructure and budget.
  • Graduation 2020, by Karl Fisch (15 min) A year-by-year look into the future of one school system and the changes in the world from 2007 through 2020. A thoughtful presentation!
  • Kevin Kelly on How Technology Evolves Former Wired Magazine editor and well-known technology author, Kevin Kelly helps us understand our field. His simple questions on What is technology? What does technology want? and Where is technology going? offer insights into our favorite field. Expect more questions and ideas than answers. Listen, think, question, and enjoy!

Recordings of Educational Technology Projects

Odd and Fun Videos

  • Bumptop New User Interface (5 min)
    A short TED video of a user interface concept currently under development. It attempts to provide more natural, intuitive ways of working with files of related information.
  • Eve Ensler on Security (and Insecurity) 13 min
    Playwright Eve Ensler's TED Talk offers perceptive insights into real security. There is no mention of computers or networks; the talk deals with a deeper view of security on which our security decisions are based. A very worthwhile view. Warning: deep emotion and serious issues ahead!


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