Energy Skate Park from PhET Physics

Energy Skate Park is a dynamic simulation of the conservation of energy as a skateboarder's potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and vice versa. View the introductory video below to see an engaging introductory activity. Students learn about kinetic and potential energy as they build tracks, looks, ramps and jumps!

View the video below to see how the energy flow can be graphed in several ways to help students establish a link between a concrete activity they understand and the abstract science concept you want them to learn. Note the numeric displays and options for saving and replaying a skate run or a graph to help students discuss, present and learn.

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Many students find science and math inaccessible. They may feel the subjects are not relevant to their lives; they may feel alienated by a cold world of numbers of facts. The ViSA Academy attempts to use engaging visualization and simulation activities to help teachers bridge the gap from curious student to science and mathematics rigor. All of the software and websites used in ViSA are freely available to teachers and students on Windows, Macintosh, and often Linux computers.

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