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nano-assembly examples
Above are samples of the molecules that you can design in the Molecular Workbench activity below

Molecular Workbench is a dynamic simulation environment for studying molecular behavior. It includes dozens of pre-built simulations, and teacher/student instructions are available on the site. The free, grant-funded, software is Java-based so that it will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Molecular Workbench may be run from the Web with being separately downloaded, or it can be downloaded for faster response or to work offline.

This is an interactive, scaffolded, Web-based learning activity that is a beautiful model of instruction design and a joy to experience. Scroll down the page to find Learning Objectives, Assesssments, Concepts, References, etc. Click the "Go To Activity" link to begin the activity. Follow directions carefully through the eight-page activity. Note the affordances for students to document their work through narrative explanations and screenshots.

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Nanotechnology and biotechnology are rapidly-growing fields that will change our lives and, even more, those of our students. Because the nano and molecular processes are so small and fast as to be invisible, it's difficult for students to learn these new fundamentals of future manufacturing and future health. The Concord Consortium has created much software over the years to address the problem in science by making the abstract more concrete and manipulable.

About Molecular Workbench

MW is a software environment that already contains dozens of fascinating activities. It is an open platform so that interested teachers may create their own activities. There is a rich reporting environment associated with MW to help the teacher document and assess student performace.

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