Agenda and Resource Links

Below are the relevant links for all workshop software, which is free for Mac, Windows and usually Linux. The links may include the home page, the download page, documentation, and tutorials, examples or pages of note.

Elementary Reading

Elementary Math

Elementary Writing

Other Elementary Software/Sites

  • Curriki is a clearinghouse of educational resources with ratings!
  • Tuxpaint: K-4 graphics program w/ stamps and sounds that kids love!
  • BrainPop Jr: popular site with exercises, games & movies (free samples: K-3)
  • BrainPop: popular site with exercises, games & movies (free samples: 4-6)
  • Scratch: multi-media project-based tool for 3-6
  • Squeak: great project-based tool for 3-6
  • Gcompris: 80 activities for K-4 across curriculum (in many languages: no Mac version)
  • Elementary Social Studies Websites

Exemplary Elementary Schools' Websites


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About this Workshop

Description: We'll explore resources for teaching and learning elementary reading and math. Some will be simple text-based activities, and others will be lengthier games. Some provide simple repetitive practice, and others provide ways to apply reading or math concepts in small authentic projects.

All of the sites are free, or at least free to access sample activities. All resources are available to teachers, students, and parents at home as well as at school. Nearly all run equally well on Windows or Macintosh computers, whatever the student has at school or home. If students get hooked on an activity, they can play it over and over long after your unit is finished. Often they can advance to higher levels whenever they are ready and willing.

The concept of freely-accessible learning materials is relatively foreign to Americans. Many other nations provide such learning materials at no cost as part of their national education system. The trend toward high-quality, low-cost learning materials is growing, and we can expect to see entire districts moving to standardize on some of the best.


girl reading
Elementary Reader ~photo by ninjapoodle