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We're confronted by insurmountable opportunity!
-- Pogo (Walt Kelly)

About this Workshop

Successful Grantwriting: 2-to-6 hours
Your good idea could be worth $1 million to your school. Every month millions of dollars are awarded to schools by governments, corporations and foundations. Grant awards are not based on luck, and are usually not based on who you know. Participants will learn how to identify the right grant to pursue and how to maximize your chances of success. The instructor has been awarded over fifteen competitive grants worth over $7 million for school districts, higher education and non-profit organizations. No prior experience is necessary.

Workshop participants first explore sources for grants and then learn the tips for writing a winning grant proposal. The workshop addresses the following topics:

  • Orientation: Give you money? WHY??
  • The right fit: Matching grant to institution
  • RFP structure (Request for Proposal)
  • Writing a strong proposal, section-by-section (guided activity)
  • Identity: Branding your proposal
  • Balancing your proposal’s “voice”
  • What’s NOT in the RFP: politics, networking, the personal connection
  • The grant lover’s timeline
  • Searching & Selecting high-probability grant opportunities (hands-on searching for appropriate grants)
  • Q & A