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Description: We know that higher-level skills are the route to satisfying future careers, and that higher-level skills are a more accurate barometer of learning than memorization of facts or concepts. A student doesn't really understand an idea unless she can analyze it, compare it to others, synthesize new ideas using it, and apply it to a real-world problem. Some teachers, however, use classroom laptops in more traditional ways, for example, involving the research and writing of a report. The research may be on an assigned topic that has no intrinsic interest to the student, and the writing may be a report handed in to the teacher for a grade. This approach seems to differ little from using an encyclopedia or Reader's Guide to research and preparing a report with a typewriter, as students did forty years ago. Many teachers who understand high-level learning know that students learn, remember, and understand when t hey apply knowledge at higher levels. This session will explore approaches in math, science, social studies, and English to more deeply engage students through laptop assignments and will include social learning, personally-meaningful assignments, intrinsic motivation, authentic problems, and the publishing of student work. None of these approaches have additional costs, but your students will thank you for the opportunity to engage in tasks that are worthy of their best efforts. These tasks will develop higher-level skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

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