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Below are the relevant links for session materials, all software is free for Mac, Windows and usually Linux.

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About this workshop

Description: Of all the core subjects, technology is least used to help teach mathematics. This is ironic since computers often first entered schools through the math department! Good math teachers discovered in the 80's and 90's that there was little good math software. The only exceptions are the highly-regarded Geometer's Sketchpad and Algebra Pump


This page shares some great software that can be used in the mathematics classroom. The software is not designed to "teach" the students or to replace the teacher. Rather, some of it is designed to illustrate math concepts and some is designed as a way to apply math. As a field, mathematics has changed just as much as science, but the math curriculum has not. Some of the software can also be used to address contemporary math topics that don't appear in the textbook.

View a work-in-progress Wikibook on Transformative Applications in Education.