Agenda and Resource Links

Below are the relevant links for all workshop software, which is free for Mac, Windows and usually Linux. The links may include the home page, the download page, documentation, and tutorials, examples or pages of note.

OpenOffice Productivity Suite

CmapTools Collaborative Concept Mapping & Planning System

POV-Ray Geometric Modeling, Raytracing, & Rendering System

NetLogo Science Simulation System (math & social science, too

Audacity Audio Recording, Analysis, & Editing (great for podcasts)

GIMP Image Manipulation & Visual Effects Software

KompoZer Web Authoring Software (unofficial fix to Nvu)

Elementary Software


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About this workshop

Description: Learn about six popular open source writing, science, math, audio, and graphic arts applications through hands-on activities to support productivity, collaboration, simulation, visualization, and creativity!

Purpose & Objectives: Most technology-using educators have heard of open source software, but they have not used it and don't know how it could help them and their students. Based upon four years of using open source software with educators, the presenter has compiled a workshop of in-depth experiences with six different open source programs. These programs can each be applied in various ways to traditional curriculum, and the workshop will discuss the best curricular fit for each program. Each program represents a powerful tool that students and staff can freely download to their home Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Participants will be able to demonstrate their ability in basic use of each program, and they will be able to independently continue their exploration of the following software:

  • OpenOffice for productivity
  • CmapTools for collaborative planning
  • POV-ray for 3D solid geometry production and rendering
  • NetLogo for science simulation
  • Audacity for audio recording and editing
  • GIMP for image enhancement and graphic/text effects generation

Sample POV-Ray Images