Browser-based activities to illustrate & practice specific skills

NLVM (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives)
Select your math topic and grade level to access many, many single-concept applets for illustration and practice. From the University of Utah. Comprehensive, but mixed-quality activities for K-12.

Phet Science Simulations
Well-designed interactive simulations for many hard-to-understand science concepts (and some math). Very high-quality activities for middle and high school!

Web-based tools for projects and higher-order engagement

Scratch Projects
Over one million student- and teacher-made games, projects, and tutorials using the Scratch development environment. Check out the projects on the home page and also under the Projects tab. Suitable from 5th grade through high school. Creating Scratch projects requires installation of the free software.

NetLogo Science &and Math Simulations
Over 200 simulations of emergent behavior in science, math, and social science from middle to high school. A software installation allows students and teachers to modify simulations or to create their own.

Molecular Workbench Modeling System
Scaffolded science activities for middle and high school. Establishing a teacher account students to send completed work to teachers. System permits teachers to develop their own scaffolded activities (after you learn the system).

Gapminder Social Science Statistics & Graphing
Dynamic systems to help understand data with extensive animated graphing capability and data sets for many social studies and some science studies. Middle through high school.

Geogebra Dynamic Math System for Geometry & Algebra
Try the pre-built examples and then the tutorials. This program is used in many middle and high schools to help understand math concepts more deeply. Teachers and students can create new Geogebra projects.

Web-based tools for creating and sharing

Sumo Paint High-End Graphics Program
Sumo Paint is the closest thing to Photoshop or GIMP in a Web-based application. This is not for beginners, but it's great for advanced students and teachers (middle school and up).

VoiceThread Publishing, Sharing & Interacting
VoiceThread combines the power of images, text, and voice to post multi-page projects to which other students can leave voice comments or annotations. It brings the missing element of voice easily into shared projects.

About this Page

Many school restrict teacher and student ability to download and install applications onto school computers even though they may be educationally valuable. To overcome this limitation, some applications may be run without actually being installed on the student computer. These applications run either as a Web browser or as a Java applet. This Web page contains links to educational activities that will work on most protected school computers and networks.

PhET Science & Math Simulations

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